About us

When Daniela de Montby designs a handbag, she does so with an individual in mind. No two bags resemble each other, each one crafted with different combinations of the finest Italian leather to produce a unique piece of portable, functional, practical and breathtakingly beautiful handbag art that is the envy of all but the wearer.
Without exception, every one of her handbags is hand-crafted to her exacting requirements, and each arises as a result of a rush of creative inspiration brought on by her passion for colours and textures. The resulting pleasure and thrill this carousel of sensory delights provokes in her customers is a reward in itself, and is what inspires her never to stop innovating and re-inventing her designs.
Although exquisite and head-turningly original in their design, Daniela de Montby handbags are also highly adaptable and made with the modern world and its exacting requirements in mind. There are designs to fit most of the laptops, thinkpads, tablets and phones available on the high street today, allowing chic glamour and modern technological necessity to fuse in perfect harmony.
These unique hand bags and briefcases, despite their alluring appeal and sophisticated style were designed to be used, to be worn, and to be seen as an indispensible asset to the wearer, allowing him or her to attend an important business meeting, travel overseas, sunbathe on a beach on the French Riviera or go clubbing on the Cote d’Azur, confident in the knowledge that their precious belongings are safe and sound and with them at all times. In short, these are unique, bedazzling, one-of a kind bags made for all seasons and worn for all reasons.